My word for 2015



Last year my word was LOVE !!!    And Love filled the year to the brim.  Love graced me with plenty, Love challenged me by with its meaning and practice.  It really was a perfect word for the year 2014.

This year I have chosen to get more specific.  My word is MOVE!  As in:  walk those steps, use your body, or lose it!  But I have a feeling that this word has many layers and nuances to uncover.  I’ll write the word, MOVE, on the title page of my journal, where I’ll see it everyday.  Lets see where it leads.

Move forward

Get a move on

Make a move

I’m ready….let’s go.

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  1. Deb, I love it! I may have to steal it! I have been searching for my word for 2015. I can’t remember my word for last year other that it was hopeful. MOVE has as many layers to uncover as a large onion.

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