Metal smith


Our son, TJ, makes wonderful things with heat and metal and creativity. Like father like son, right!  He has been busy with several big projects in 2014.

Earlier in the year he worked on the fixtures within a new restaurant,  Johnny Noodle King.   JNK serves ramen noodle bowls, with an American twist!  We had  lunch there today.  Those noodles are to die for.  I had a simple pork ramen dish, very delicious.   Jeff had a minestrone noodle bowl, and TJ had something quite spicy!   We all really enjoyed our meal.

I love the seaweed salad.  Evidently, we were too busy  eating to take pictures of the food.

But I do have photos of TJ’s metalwork at the restaurant.  He is standing next to the  door he made of stainless steel and other metals.



I love their neon sign, and can you see the Ambassador Bridge in the background?


TJ also rebuilt the original formica booths by skinning them with metal.  He built the stool bases, the metal wainscoting around the interior of the restaurant,  metal work across the windows,  and the frames for the counter and bar which hold the  salvaged Detroit wood.  All woodwork  by Evan Burger and his company Tree-Purposed.



Hope you can give JNK ramen a try, and check out the interior furnished by local craftsmen.  We will be happy to go with you.


Here is contact info:

Johnny Noodle King

TJ Kolar, TACC Services.   He will soon have a website, but you can find him on Facebook now.


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  1. Enjoyed working with TJ on this and his other projects. I’m hoping for a part time job when I retire

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