Tidings of Good Cheer





We enjoy each and every Christmas card we get!  Thank you all who sent one!  I admire those of you who have sent us greetings every year over the decades.  A couple of the cards received were handmade, and they are extra special!  One was a pop up card with moving parts, love it too!  Love the handwritten greetings, the photos, the letters.  Thank you all….it feels wrong to not have sent you one too!  (Maybe next year?) 

  Cards aren’t as popular as they once were, partially due to the cost of sending them, maybe because of Facebook and such.  I would miss the connections with our favorite peoples and the excitement of receiving something beautiful in the mail if this tradition were to disappear.  I wondered about the history of Christmas cards, and found some interesting info here.  : 

Don’t give up on us, please!  I hope next year I can help keep this tradition alive! 

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