A Merry Christmas Chaos


Its wonderful to have Christmas Chaos join us again with little one’s around!

I had a Christmas I will always remember.  My house was full of happy people, gladly gathered together, and who love each other.  And these people were my FAMILY!

We tried to get the Little’s to sit together on the blue couch for a portrait.  HA!

The oldest two were ready to cooperate fully:




And then the twins came on board:


Each personality shines through:  Colton’s practiced photo smile, Aubree just wanting  that book read to her, Dylan’s constant motion, and Codi not liking the way Dylan is crawling all over her and probably wanting to sit next to her brother.

Good thing Jeff and I  received a lovely group photo of them as a gift!  But these imperfect photos hold lots of memories.


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  1. It is hard to give up your place of specialness to others. Great series of photos. Happy you are feeling better too!! Gail

  2. I remember making that Codi face when I was unhappy. My Dad would work hard to make me laugh it away — but I was pretty stubborn. I’ve left some of the stubborness behind, but I’ll still make the face if the situation calls for it !!

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