New Old Christmas Stockings


I have an old, tattered quilt made by my great grand mother.  VERY tattered.  Thread bare.  Holey.

I knew I was saving it for a good reason! That quilt became six Christmas stockings today.  I cut, sewed and pressed my way through this cold gray day.

I set out to improve the design of our Christmas stockings by making them wider  and a roomier toe area.  I lined them with a sturdy fabric, so despite the delicate fabrics they are quite hefty, albeit a bit shabby looking.  They will hold a children’s book, chunky toys, tins.  I have more options when I shop for stocking stuffers now.  And the old quilt is out of the box, living its second life.



I will add a red bow and name tags.



11 thoughts on “New Old Christmas Stockings”

  1. We all savor so many things that are kept in drawers or boxes until they are totally beyond use of any kind!! You are just getting too clever for words!! Lovely idea for a precious item. Great JOB!! Hugs, Gail

  2. Margie, you might not like me as much if we were blood relatives! But I cannot express how much your love and kindness has warmed my heart too!

  3. Thanks Kathie, it’s amazing to think that the quilt was made by my grands “great-great-great grandmother”.

  4. In my next life I want to be your relative! You warm my heart. Of course you do as a friend too, but I want to be related by blood!!!! You are so full of love, Deb Kolar! I admire and love you.

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