Ready and waiting


Lisa, my SIL of  Life on Sassy Cat Hill and Kelly, dear friend, of No Whining Allowed have joined the photo challenge this month.  Hope you will  visit them and get to know them better.  I have their blogs linked on the right under family blogs.   Thanks, Kelly and Lisa, for accompanying me.


Some people rearrange furniture, I do that somewhat but only after I rearrange the rooms within my house.   This home has been a rubber band house, stretching and contracting as needed.   In-laws living with us during the holidays in the early days of home ownership.  Kids trading bedrooms as they grew.  Our grown up kids leaving and returning several times in early adulthood.  The most recent switch up was when Steph and Derek and family lived with us after they sold their house this spring.

Derek and Kevin came over one Sunday afternoon in late November, and moved and shuffled tons of furniture, shelving, desks and beds.  They resurrected stored furniture from the basement and attic.  They disassembled and reassembled.  All the while, Jeff and I were directing, and moving what we could.  Jackie came over and watched the twins.  The babies just didn’t understand why their dad and grandparents were too busy to hold them.  It was a state of chaos.     And I’ve been trying to regain order ever since!  Many piles have disappeared.   I’ve recycled, donated and pushed possessions onto the kids.  But this culling and organizing will  continue over the winter.

Today I show you a corner of the new guest room, which was my sewing room:


We are very happy to have this extra bedroom for our friends!  Come and visit!

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