Its time



Last night I considered issuing a challenge to myself as well as my other “blobbing” friends to post every single day for the rest of December.  Then I rethought the situation and just committed to myself without a public announcement.  Ha, I was busted….Capri Lis must have read my blob before I edited the challenge out of it! 

Here we go.  Its time to either get back in the saddle, or sell the horse!  I will do my darnest to post a photo, at least one photo, everyday for the rest of the month of December.  I hope to develop the habit again and keep up with my 8 years of memories, moments and accomplishments. 

Won’t you consider joining me?  Just one photo a day!  This is a good time of year to try!  Come on, give it a go!

Cousin Emily drove up from South Carolina with her dog, Dobby.   She is with Jackie, and Tucker….and can you see Kirra behind them? 


Tis the season to see the special people you love.  And I am so happy to see Emily again! 

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