The daily


The WordPress snow is back!   I enjoy their gently falling snow,  without any accumulation.




Jackie’s Tucker (the dog), and Finnegan.  I can visit them everyday, and walk Tucker whenever I want.  Its nice that I have the benefits of a pet, without the responsibilities.  (I keep repeating this to myself.)

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  1. This comment made me happy to be posting everyday, Kathie! Miss you too and I look forward to a real visit when you can.

  2. Oh Deb, I am so happy that I will be able to see your bog every day now. I miss you and this is almost (not quite) as good as a visit.

  3. I’m busted! I chickened out of the written commitment myself, but planned to just do it! Evidently, you blog reader didn’t update right away. Well, I am glad you will join me. Maybe I will reissue the challenge.

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