Beginner’s Watercolor Experiments


I haven’t had much time to mosaic or play around with art lately.   I’m a happily involved grandmother of 4, and caretaker of my aging parents.  This and all the other good stuff of living, doesn’t leave much extra time.   We are adjusting to a household without any furry companions to love.   I’m sure some day, sooner or later, a sweet dog or cat will find us.   But in the meantime, we are busy enough around here. 

But, I do get a little depressed and blasé if I don’t have a project to work on.  Watercolor is what I am turning to these days because it is quick and portable. 

I’ve had a couple lessons  with Jean Canavan over at 212 Arts Center…she is a wonderful teacher and is helping me get more  comfortable with watercolor expression. I’m taking baby steps and enjoying the process of learning something new.. I’m learning to see the world in a new way,…really looking at shapes and colors. 

I’ve learned that watercolor is layers and layers of washes with each layer blending and enhancing the previous.  Keeping light areas light, and being subtle with colors in the early phase of painting do not come natural to me….but too dark areas frustrate me as I try to complete a painting and want contrast.   I’ve learned its much easier leave an area white rather than try to lift the paint off.    Below is an experiment on layering just one color, yellow ochre,  to get depth of color:IMG_5033_thumb[4]

Related to layers, depth, and shading, is the ability to make round things actually look ROUND, not flat.  I first experimented with apples…..


This is the last one, the one I like best:  (Yes, it was a funny shaped apple.)


Jean suggested I paint “eggs”….I wrinkled my nose at this challenge thinking it would be boring.  But I am having fun with it and want to keep going.  The first egg painting is at the bottom right, and the last painting is top left.  I think I’ve gotten better at making them look round and became more expressive as I worked on these:


I recommend learning a new skill!  Its exciting!  I’ll post my further watercolor explorations next month.  No hurry here, just going slow and enjoying the process.  

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  1. I am so happy you are making time for your art! It is a great way to relax and take time to contemplate…your paintings prove that you are enjoying the respite from all of the outside stuff.Keep up the time for yourself. Gail

  2. I was thinking about you and Schmenky this week when we studied about how God gifted the artisians who made the ark of the covenant and made the Tabernacle all beautimous. God loves beautiful art, it’s a way of worshipping Him and celebrating His creation! You are His kind of People!

  3. I haven’t been feeling inspired lately. Reading your posts always helps with that! Love that experiment in values with the yellow ochre.

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