Looking for quality, if not quantity



Bibbs has been feeling poorly.



The vet has given her meds that give her a better appetite….and they are working, it seems.


I started feeding her tuna and scrambled eggs…the tuna got her eating again!  Then she even ate some of her regular crunchy food. 

Today I bought her a smorgasbord of tuna cat delicacies,  and will thoroughly enjoy spoiling this kitty. 


Missy Bibby, hope you get back to your old sweet and sassy self. 

The vet suspects she has stomach cancer.  This came on fast.   I thought she had eaten some grass I had in a flower arrangement on the dining room table.  But no, after an xray she obviously had more of a problem.  So we are doing what we can to help her enjoy the rest of her life.  Sad, but the way it is.  She’s 9.  So glad she chose me 8 years ago, just wishing for more time right now. 

Give your beloved pet some extra attention today, we do not know how long they are entrusted  to us. 

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  1. Hi Laurie, No more pets for a while. Its time for Jeff and I to be unencumbered. I have lots of grand-animals and grand-babies to enjoy.

  2. So sorry to hear about Miss Bibs problems. We have MANY kittens at Eva Burrell — and a great big male cat with Miss Bibs coloring.

  3. Best to the beautiful Miss Bibbs, and to you. I will go give Rhythm, Harmony and Tempo some pets before I go back to work.(Love the star paws in the second photo!)

  4. Thanks for the tip Kathie. I assume you mean liverwurst. She once had to take meds with a liver flavor and loved them.

  5. Sending love to Miss Bibbs. Have you tried liver sausage? I am hiding Ceecee’s thyroid pills in it and not only is she gobbling it up, pill and all, but her appetite seems to have improved as well.

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