Still dwelling 0n summer



People don’t notice whether it’s summer or winter when they’re happy. –Anton Chekov

Here we are, well past Labor Day.  I cannot fathom how quickly summer passed and I am not ready for the weather to turn, the green to fade, the chill in the air.    Usually I am very aware of the summer season, but this one just seemed to pass unnoticed.  Perhaps it has to do with the busyness of life, perhaps with the many changes that  happened with the people I know and love and am inseparably connected to.  It seems my mind was on these peoples and events, rather than breathing in the fresh green warmth of the passing season. 

Early September, a time for fresh starts….ingrained in me from my school days, and continued with my own children.  And now grandchildren.  Colton started school a week or so ago!  Kindergarten, and full day kindergarten at that!  And he rides the bus to school.  He was very excited to start and his experience has been very positive.  Hard on his mama though.  I remember how she feels.

August is one of my favorite months.  The days themselves are bright and long.  This August was spent “in waiting”….with torn up driveway and a messy yard.  But now the cement is poured!  And oh what a nice polish the new driveway gives to the appearance of our home.  Jeff (aka, the Energizer Bunny) continues to work on the finishing touches….the grading and edges of the areas next to the new drive.  Not to mention, what feels like,  the other five hundred projects going on around here! 




Jeff has had wonderful help from  Derek (dad of the twins) and Kevin (almost son-in-law)….they are generous with their time and strength and we so appreciate it.  Kevin lives near us, and often comes over after work to help Jeff.    Jeff’s brother John also came over last Saturday, with his tractor, and helped the guys move gravel!  I think tomorrow is another work day for them, including our son TJ…..hopefully grass will be planted and maybe even progress on the deck! 



I’ve got a few photos of the twins to share….they are 10 months old now.

Aubree couldn’t resist touching the wedding gown her Aunt Jackie was trying on….


Dylan is all over the place, but not walking quite yet. 


She’s not far behind…


There’s “Bitty B”:


And her silly brother….”Bean”


Yes, they have nicknames.  My family can’t help themselves. 

I’ve  finished a mosaic project, took me all summer!  A table…now its on my porch, but will eventually live in the gazebo with its matching chairs….


This pre-grout photo shows the colors quite true:


The Sweet Autumn Clematis is blooming…..


It smells as delicious as it looks….


Autumn is near,  I feel the chill in the air, the foliage is fading, and so is the daylight….and Dancing with the Stars is starting.  Bring it on.  Thanks for reading, have a great weekend. 

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  1. YOU ARE A WONDER! I love your observations and your photos. Your table is absolutely gorgeous. Thank you for sharing all your gifts of the heart.

  2. BABIES are the best! so much fun! White clematis awesome!! Your table is spectacular! Driveway…….who would not appreciate that! Thanks for the lovely up-date! I think summer had wings too. Gail

  3. What a lovely post. Almost as good as a visit. The driveway looks so good and the twins are adorable. Is that the table that goes with the red chairs? Its gorgeous.

  4. Oh, I have missed your blobbing!!! Loved, loved, LOVED the update!
    Driveway looks great!
    Babies are precious!
    The table is beautiful!!!!!!!

  5. Oh my goodness, what a difference that driveway makes!
    And that TABLE!!!!!!!! LOVE!!!!!!!!!
    Tell those babies to stop growing until I can come and meet them please.

  6. Such a gentle report on the season and the family. The new driveway looks great. Aubrey and Bean look adorable. Just want to squishy hug them. Miss you.

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