Do you know this term, cairn?   Simply a pile of rocks, usually used as trail markers.  I’ve come across them in the woods.   But when we were at Mission Point, Michigan a few weeks ago, they were ART!


They made the place mysterious and magical….


Jeff went wading to get some close up photos…



He couldn’t help but make one, leave his mark…..


I can imagine that these piles are a collaboration with  the many visitors to the lighthouse.


Or did a single person or group come and start this nature art project one day….


Does this happen every summer?  I know the ice would not allow these monuments to stand over the winter.


Intriguing.  And these cairns will be what I remember most about our quick little Mission Point visit.

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  1. Cairns have been on my mind all summer. There are some in Ann Arbor that I drive past all the time. I’ve been planning to make some at our cottage. Serendipity!

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