July Garden Walkabout


My garden is maturing, along with Jeff and I.  I’ve been planting and rearranging this plot of land for over 30 years.


Two of my best friends are moving out of state.  My oldest daughter and her family just moved to a neighboring town.   Change is in the air.


I (not WE), entertained the thought of putting our house on the market.  Jeff is anticipating retirement, and maybe a condo, maybe a little house on a lake would be nice.  But, when I am truthful with myself,, I (WE) are not ready to budge.  When I think of  leaving this place, a sort of  panic sets in.


This is home, my heart home.  A whole life of memories are here, and sweat….and yes even blood and tears.


We love our neighbors, most have been here as long as us. How could we leave our front porch Friday evenings, enjoying the company of old friends.  .  How could we go someplace new and be strangers, again.  There are not many neighborhoods like ours left, it seems.


We are comfortable.  Jeff  has his garage set up just the  way  he wants it.. I love my spaces indoors as well as outdoors.   The plants have set deep roots, and so have we.



My garden is not perfect, and either is this house. This house is almost 60 years old.   But I enjoy the process of …continuing to love this place, caring for it, respecting it,  and helping it age gracefully.  And the house will return the favor, keep me active and inventive, and secure and peaceful.


The plants are my anchor to this place.  Maybe even what I love most about my   home.


Each plant has a story.  We have history together.


I look at all the wonderful things Jeff built: arbors, the gazebo, edgings.  He is the constructer,  I am the designer and maintainer.  (Well, its truly a collaboration.)


This place has a spirit that has shaped us and our lives over the years.  And it will continue to do so…..we are more a  servant than a master.


My garden tends to be wild and thick,  the house is simple and showing its age.  But these eyes can skip over the imperfections (usually).  IMG_4894

I’ve accepted that to have something, most generally something else must be sacrificed.


We are planning some improvements….since we are staying, we might as well make home as suitable and enjoyable as possible.  Changes indoors and out to reflect our changing lifestyle.  IMG_4902

I’m at peace, now that the whole “moving” issue is settled in my mind.   (Although, it was a fun romance with Zillow.com)


This is home. .  We shall grow old together (Lord willing.).  But then again….I’ll never say “never”.


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  1. Mrs. Schmenkman told me earlier this year that she couldn’t picture you two anywhere else! It’s a lovely home, full of warmth, hospitality, creativity and love.

  2. You are truly content with your skin and the place you are in! Lovely tribute to your wonderful life! Gail

  3. Well said. But remember that pruning causes new growth. And new soil gives plants a burst of new energy. What you love stays in your heart, you take it wherever you go.

  4. Truth be told, I was really having trouble picturing you anywhere but right there. I love that place too! 🙂

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