A Memorable trip



Over the weekend, Jeff and I went to Charlevoix to celebrate the life of my dear friend’s husband, Bill Briggs.  He passed away very unexpectedly last month.  Kathie held his memorial on his birthday, July 19 and made Bill a very special gift….the story can be read on her blog, here.

A couple of Kathie’s high school friends also attended Bill’s memorial.  Their names are also Kathy! 

Here are the three Kathie’s:


The three Kathie’s each had Jeff’s Aunt, Miss Essler,  as a speech teacher way back when, at Marian High School in Southfield.   I got the impression Miss Essler was a teacher with high expectations, but was liked and respected by the girls. 

This is Aunt Nan, in a photo from Kathie’s yearbook:


One of the Kathie’s mentioned that she recognized the “mischievous” glint in Jeff’s eye, as Miss Essler had the same glint. 

Do you agree?


We stopped to see Aunt Nan in Traverse City, and had a good visit.  Nan is still as sharp as a tack, with a voracious appetite for reading.  She is the type of person that has stories to tell!  Her body is not quite cooperative enough these days, but her wit, curiosity and intelligence keep her going.  I really enjoyed our short time with her. 

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  1. My heart breaks for Kathie. I will keep her in my prayers.

    Definitely the same glint in those baby blues!

  2. I’m so glad you could be there for Kathie. It sounds like it was lighthearted at times, with good memories.

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