Hello July!



Things are a bit quieter here.  We have 6 less heartbeats living with us, as S & D and family moved into their new home this week.  Yes, I miss them…but all those bodies were a bit much for this little house.  I wish S & D contentment and happiness in their new home, may it be a wonderful environment to raise their two children,  Now they are 20 miles from us, not too far, but quite a change for all of us.  One perk is that all of our grandchildren (4), are within a few miles of each other.  I will take photos of Steph’s  house once they get settled. 


Our living room might be a little emptier, but the six weeks of clutter is something I wouldn’t have traded for anything.  Great moments and memories! 


We went up north over the fourth of July…..have photos, will post soon. 

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  1. I am sure you will miss them especially the little darlings!! Time flies while we have fun eh?!!

  2. I am sure you made a lot of memories!!! So glad S and D are in their new home, can’t wait to see pictures!!!!!

  3. Time seems to crawl when weour routine I’d changed, and then fly very fast in retrospect. Glad you had fun, and are done.

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