A day to celebrate..



My father’s 80th birthday!  A day to put into the blob memory banks! 

Here I caught him in a contemplative moment…..


Dad’s days are full of limitations because of  health issues.  But he still keeps a sense of humor, stays up on FOX news, and keeps his mind active.  He hasn’t lost any of his willingness to share opinions either, in fact, age has heightened that aspect of his personality!  I will often get a phone call from him, which is so special because I know how hard it is for him to dial his phone.  He will tell me some bit of wisdom he thinks is appropriate to my life, or a TV show I should watch, or news he finds relevant.  .  Always thinking of me or my family….never asks for help or for anything for himself.  That’s the way its been his entire life.  A loving and giving father. 

He loves his grand kids, and his great grand children.  I will show him pictures, and he always asks me to send them to him and set his favorite as the wallpaper on his phone.  When his aids, nurse or PT person comes over I know that showing  those photos is the first order of business for him. 

Here are some photos of the beautiful afternoon on the deck:




My brother John, and his wife Terese:


My sister’s son, Ron…..with little Kaylee


And his wife Courtney, with Natalie and Kaylee…..


Rides on the Massey-Harris tractor are always requested:


Jeff always tells Colton that this is his tractor:


We had a BBQ of burgers and brats, along with all the other delicious food everyone brought.

Before calling it a day, we took portraits:


SOMEONE (won’t name names, but if you know our family you will probably guess who it is), decided to throw a ball to get the babies attention…..and Jeff happened to snap the picture at just the right moment…..


The attention getting part did not work out as planned:



TJ, where were you kneeling?   


There that’s better:


Derek turned 30 on June 1, too….


At dusk, Jackie and Kevin and Tucker used the viburnum as a backdrop for their engagement photo session….


A great way to start the month of June!

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  1. Lovely day for your dad, wish him a belated HB from me. What a fabulous family you have. Thank you for sharing the good times with us.

  2. I love these photos. Seeing your family and all the generations playing together warms my heart enormously. I am up for adoption any time you have a vacancy. I could be a distant cousin! Perhaps you assume these celebrations are the norm, but neither my family nor David’s ever got together like this. And I have 13 cousins who lived relatively close to each other. Yours is a very special family bonded by love and caring. Your dad looks great. He is one tough cookie, huh?

  3. Such a great ,loving bunch of peoples eh?!! How nice to have so many photos to go along with the memories. Hugs, Gail

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