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June 2.  2014 is almost half gone!  The past few weeks have been HECTIC!  Steph and Derek sold their house, before finding another….so they are staying with us for a little while.  Yes, Steph and Derek, the babies and their two huskies.  We are cozy.   They found a house last week, and are going through the inspection process now.  IF everything works out, they will be here another month.  I enjoy their presence, knowing it is a temporary situation undoubtedly helps.  But the days are busy, full of babies and laundry and tidying up.  The general liveliness of our household brings back memories from years past.  I especially  enjoy lingering morning coffee and conversation with my daughter and her babies on days she does not work.  I get plenty of time with the little ones, and cherish it because they are growing so fast.  Nothing makes me happier than seeing their face light up in the morning when they see me. 

I give you some snapshots of daily life around here with two six month old babies:





Yesterday, we had a big birthday party here, will post about that next….

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  1. You are so right, Kathie. I already feel that this special time is slipping away so quickly.

  2. We only get to go around once and you are filing the memory bank with wonderful treasures! ENJOY! Hugs, Gail

  3. This is a very special time…,,making memories that you will always treasure. Enjoy and be sure to kiss those babies for me.

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