Easter Weekend



We celebrated this weekend, introducing the “littles” to Easter traditions and enjoying the first balmy days of the year.

The four cousins, our FOUR grandchildren: 


We are so blessed with this little group.  Love these children so much! 

The annual Easter egg hunt was a success, thanks to Kevin and Jackie’s skill at hiding eggs and baskets at all levels for all ages. 


“ Little She”, Codi Lynn,  had a wonderful time…..her first Easter egg hunt at our house:




Colton was the gracious brother, giving many of his finds to his sister, but he had a blast filling his own bucket…racing around the yard.  Kevin hid C’s basket up on the roof of the garage, that was a good challenge to find.  He’s growing up so fast.


His favorite item in the basket was a bank that tallied the coins as they went in.  He’s saving for a trip to Disneyworld this fall. 


The 5 month old twins followed along, planning their route for next year…


We followed the hunt with dinner on Saturday afternoon.  Sunday was celebrated with my parents, and then an afternoon excursion on the boat….first of the season. 

The story of Easter is the story of God’s wonderful window of divine surprise.  -Carl Knudsen

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  1. Easter egg hunts are so much fun. A nice tradition for all the grands — of course, parents and Grandparents get almost as much enjoyment out of the whole thing as the kids do.

  2. Miss Cody is so lovely, Mr. C is getting so big! I love the twins chubby cheeks! What fun to share.

  3. Ok..now I want to be adopted into your family. Do you think it’s possible?Your littles are adorable! What fun.

  4. You have 4 beautiful grands to love. What a joy for you. Wow, I can’t believe how much Colton and Codi have grown up since I saw them at Steph’s baby shower last summer. Kiss those babies for me. I miss them!

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