Yes,  I thank God its Friday!  Just because it was a glorious day today, and yesterday and the day before.  Spring is here.  I see no more of this:


no more of these dirty snow piles….

2014-03-25 13.08.58

Today, I am inspired by Kelly’s blob, and will use the bullet  list format to share a multitude of events and thoughts and minutiae with you. 

  • My dad was very ill this past week.  He was in ICU, then stepped up to a regular room and is now home.  I can’t get over how fast they process you through a sickness these days.   The pneumonia took a toll on him.  His doctor said that he must have nine lives….but just doesn’t know how many he has used up so far.  Dad is very glad to be out of the hospital and home.  No more going to rehab for him. 
  • My friend, Kathie, spent a few days with me this week.  She delighted in my grandchildren, which was so wonderful.  We spent some quality time with them, and she really got to know their personalities.  And, as with all my good friends, I feel inspired, refreshed, grounded and loved from spending time with her. 
  • Jeff’s brother Jim also stayed here at Camp Kolar….he is really into finding edible wild plants.  Wow, I had no idea that so many of the weeds I pull, are edible.  He wants me to save a patch of weeds in the back of my garden for him.  That should be no problem. 
  • My helleborres are blooming!  hellebores


  • The babies are 5 months old today!




Enjoy your weekend…..


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  1. Was sorry to hear about your Dads problems. Does “no more rehab” mean he is bedridden now?
    Glad to see that Aubree can stick up for herself !!

  2. Well that was a nice little catch up!!! So sorry to hear about your Dad’s troubles, praying for health in their home.
    Love dem beebees!

  3. You, Deb Kolar are a blessing. I love to see the world through your eyes. Thank you for sharing your visions.

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