March road trip


We travelled to Arlington Virginia to attend Jeff’s Uncle’s funeral.

Still pretty  cold up in the mountains, on Skyline Drive:IMG_8720


The valley, where Lisa lives, looked like early spring.  We spent a few days with Lisa and Cam and had a wonderful time exploring their neck of the woods.


We (Lisa, Cam, Jim, Jeff and Deb)  drove to Arlington, which is right across the river from Washington DC


The next day we toured Arlington Cemetery as tourists.  Such a big place, those gravestones go on forever.   They stretch over one hill, up another  and into the horizon.  The road winds for miles and everywhere, in every direction, are the perfectly spaced white marble gravestones.  Each and every stone marking a person, of course,  who devoted their life to serving our country with honor, or gave their life during war.    Very solemn, respectful,  introspective aura about this place and its visitors.



Over night it snowed about 7 inches. the day of the funeral presented a whole different look to Arlington:


Uncle Paul’s casket was pulled by beautiful black horses through Arlington with cannon’s blasting in the distance, and escorted by sailor’s to his burial site.





The.lone sailor playing taps, really touching…couldn’t help the tears.


He is survived by his wife, children and grandchildren.  A warm  loving family who were given orders, by Uncle Paul,  to not make people cry at his funeral.  .  So, we all celebrated his full and long life and service with joy and fun remembrances.


I enjoyed hearing the dad and friend stories about Paul, as well as the Admiral Paul stories.   It was quite a celebration!

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  1. Laurie. As long as I can remember I referred to Paul and Dottie as uncle and aunt Don’t really know where it came from.

  2. Lovely photos — wish we could have joined you. However, the logistics weren’t in our favor.
    Was wondering — did the younger Kolars ( Jim, Jeff, Patt and Lisa) refer to Paul as “Uncle” ?
    Dottie was a cousin ( Paul the same, through marriage). I always called them Dottie and Paul, no title in front.

  3. Glad you and Jeff could be there to honor Uncle Paul’s life and spend time with family.

  4. It looks like Jeff’s extended family are all wonderful people. I know all the local ones are the best.

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