January illustrated


I received a beautiful journal from Kat, as a gift at Christmas.   The journal is completely handmade, with watercolor papers bound within a beautifully collaged, stitched and painted fabric cover.  IMG_4388

Its so very special,  I want to use it up, every last page (there are 60).  So after looking for inspiration on the web and Pinterest,  I found Joanne Sharpe’s “Draw your Awesome Life”.  Her plan for an annual journal setup was most helpful, as well as her drawing lessons and tips.  Truth be told, though,  I have strayed off in my own direction; choosing to fill my book with simple watercolors and pen.  (I know Joanne would love that.)

The title page of my journal:


Here is my favorite part, I made a calendar grid over two pages for the month of January.   I get to draw and paint a little something every single day.    A lovely ritual to get the day started.  Of course, many mornings I don’t have the time.  But how I look forward to days when I can have an extra cup or two of coffee, and play around with pen and paint.    Today I caught up on three or four days…that’s the way it will go, I’m sure.

Here’s January…. quite the busy month….


As you can see, I have chosen to accentuate the positive aspects of my days, no drama or whining allowed.   I’ll be interested to see how my drawing and painting skills and style develop over the months.   Anyone want to join the fun of this? Any blank calendar or journal would work…the year is still young.

Other artists’ who inspire me with their watercolor journals,  techniques and tutorials are Danny Gregory, Jane LaFazio , and Jean Canavan (who teaches at 212 Art Center)  Do you know of another watercolor journal keeper that you find inspiring or are you yourself one?  Please do share a link in the comments.

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  1. Lis’, I feel I am on this path of trying to discover who I am artistically…takes alot of experimentation!

  2. Laurie, you are creative in different ways than I, but nonetheless gifted in the creativity department.

  3. I keep repeating myself when I say how your talents (that plural is intentional) amaze me. You try most anything and discover another area to express yourself and your talent.

  4. I am delighted, and will renew my resolve to journal more regularly. I like the book,”no Excuses Art Journaling”. I’ll use it as a sometimes guide.

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