Toes in the sand



We are here, for a bit:


Enjoying the SeAir with Patrice, who’s warm Floridian blood was freezing the first couple days we were here. The conditions were balmy to our northern sensibilities, though…. 60’s  and raining. 


and visiting Jim, who can be found in the screened porch happily watching his favorite news channel:


Those first two rainy days were our decompression days, just to prevent us from going into shock because the next day was in high 70’s….over a seventy degree difference from Michigan.  And today, its predicted to be in the high 80’s, setting a record high for down here!  We’ll just soak it all up and save it for the next two months back in Michigan. 

We’ve been walking…..




Drawing and painting…..


and all the other good things that island life holds…eating fresh caught fish, enjoying the views,  the natural beauty, and boating across the sound for a little shopping on the mainland. 

Wish we could have stowed you away in our suitcase and brought you along! 

Have more photos to come, photos taken on sunnier days….stay warm and safe! 

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  1. Ahhhh, delicious! It is a dad gum winter fiesta up here, can’t even remember when we have had this much snow!
    I like seeing you all have fun though!

  2. Another comment, totally unrelated. Just heard from Krystyn — she has a new job in Abu Dhabi that begins on Sunday. It is with a British firm and sounds like a good deal. So, if you all said a prayer for her, it has been answered and we say Thank You.

  3. Enjoy the blue and sunshine, we are in a permanent WHITE zone!! Not everyones favorite color. Soak up all of it, the groundhog saw its shadow;) Hugs, Gail

  4. That looks and sounds wonderful. I’ll think of you and warmth tonight, while we get more white, fluffy piles of snow. And 7 degrees, if we’re lucky.

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