Weekend goings on…



Thank you, friends, Aunt, and SILs, for your words of support and wisdom regarding dad going into rehab.  Yes, we decided that a rehab facility was the place to be for him.   He is delicate and bed bound…he needs round the clock care right now.  As much as he disliked the decision, he knows it’s the right one.  So he arrived at the rehab facility at 7PM on Friday night and seemed to settle in just fine. But, he called mom at about 10:30 that evening, very disoriented and upset.  We rushed over and discovered  he was also short of breath and had a low oxygen level(of course, the staff was looking after him by the time we arrived).  It was decided to return him to the hospital, by ambulance of course.   They tested and examined,  and as time went on he improved.  Within an hour, he was telling his jokes again!  By 7AM, we all went home and he went back to rehab. (That’s only 8 hours in the ER, my rule of thumb is that an ER visit takes 12 hours.)  It really was scary for him, and no one knows what was going on.  He had a good day on Saturday and Sunday. 

I’m  teaching a mosaic cross class this April, at 212 Art Center.    I’m inspired by the Mexican painted and mosaic crosses( here is a link to my Pinterest board) I’ve discovered and decided to start a couple as samples for the class.  It feels wonderful to be breaking glass and fitting together the pieces once again.   See the colorful Mexican influence?  Just starting:


I have several more crosses ready for tesserae…hope to get on a roll. 

Last, but not least….baby pics….hope they make you smile!





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  1. Very scary about your dad but glad to hear that things have settled down. He remains in my prayers. And OMG those twins are so adorable. I want to hold them and give them tummy kisses. Can’t wait to meet them in person this spring.

    Love the new mosaics. I checked your Pinterest board and you’ve got some fun inspiration.

  2. Of course I am happy your dad is getting settled but the BABIES have grown up during all of the excitement! They look so content and alert! How nice to have life return to a more even keel 😉 Hang in there, we are all thinking about you! Hugs, Gail

  3. Good that your father is stabilized and settling in at the rehab. Those babies are just precious!!!! You are truly blessed.

    Nancy V

  4. Glad your Dad is improving Poor guy. It must be very frightening for him. But it sounds like he’ll soon be making friends with everyone at the rehab.
    Those twins are the yummiest of yummy littles. AND they have your eyes. So gorgeous!

  5. Glad your Dad is making progress!
    Those little peanuts are so ALERT!!!! Looking forward to meeting them when your life settles down!

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