Surgery a success



Stan in hosp drawing

Tuesday was a LONG Day.  About 12 hours of waiting.  The longest wait was while he was in surgery 3 hours.  But, dad is doing well.  They basically cobbled together supports on each side of his own shattered femur with a long plate on one side and a bone graft on the opposite side.  Then the whole thing was wrapped in cables and attached with screws. 

But really, what a miracle that they could even do this for my 80 year old  father! 

Now, we hope he can have limited use of his leg, without pain or worry of another fracture.  He will have an uphill battle.  But he can be a very determined guy.  Today, he was asking to come home and have physical therapy there rather than go to rehab.  So we shall see if that can be worked out.  I understand how he feels, there’s no place like home. 

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  1. I’ve had both at home therapy and in a facility, and think at home is not good enough. Maybe a period in a facility would be better to start with.

  2. I’m not sure that physical therapy at home is equal to rehab in a rehab facility. Find out before you make a decision. Too many times, patients at home are “at home” and figure they can do whatever they want — or not do, either. Whatever the choice, I hope he does well.

  3. Great news–at last!!! I am sure there has been a collective sigh of relief! What a guy to be looking forward to rehab too! Hugs, gail

  4. What relief you must all feel! It’s so nice to have good news. You are past the worst part. Now be tough for the long road to recovery.

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