Accidents do happen….



And old age is not for sissies. 

Two colloquialisms that hit home this week. 

Its been a bad week for bone breaks.  First, my DIL Amber’s brother fell through a ceiling and ended up in surgery with a permanent plate and many screws in his wrist.  He had surgery today, and we are all praying for him to heal well. 

Yesterday, my dad thought his wheelchair was under him when it was not, and he fell onto the ceramic floor.  He shattered his femur, a bad spiral fracture.  At first the doctors did not want to touch it, and said he would need to lay in bed for three to six months to let it heal naturally.   That whole process was full of risks, pain, and not much hope of ever being able to put his weight on that leg.  We were ready to make arrangements for him to go to a nursing facility to start this process when HOPE walked in the door.  A bone doctor who thought surgery might be an option.  My dad jumped at the opportunity (well, not  literally).  This surgery has to be approved by a cardiologist and other doctors yet.  Its again a big risk, a big long surgery involving rods and pins and plates.  And the recovery will be grueling.  But, he will have more motion during recovery and more of a chance to actually put weight on that leg.  If I had to pin a label to my dad, it would say “Man of Courage and Faith”, and on the back it would say….”Stubborn Polack!”

If you think of it, please say a prayer for dad.  His surgery is scheduled for Monday. 

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  1. Today, Dad was very groggy and mixed up from the pain meds. He loves when he gets visitors, though.

  2. Thank you all for your prayers, good wishes and encouragement! Dad is in good spirits, they even have him sitting up at the edge of the bed once a day. The leg is immobilized, and he is on heavy pain meds. The surgery has been rescheduled to Tuesday.

  3. Thoughts and prayers for the “Stubborn Polack”. I agree with Kathie that stubborness can be a good thing if it is pointed in the right direction. Getting mobile is a good direction.
    Also hope that Amber’s brother heals well — he has youth on his side, also a good thing.
    And there will also be a prayer for you in there.

  4. Deb. your Dad is a brave guy, yes and stubborn too. Sometimes stubborn is good. Stubborn people do not give up or give in. Prayers for him and Amber’s brother too..

  5. Goodness, I am so sorry to read this! Praying for Amber’s brother and your Dad and you guys and Florence, for healing and patience. Love your Dad’s “sign”!

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