Handmade Giving


Christmas gifts, handmade.  This year I managed to complete a few….

I made the babies, mobiles…fish mobiles. They are very crude paintings, but a good way to practice watercolor, and maybe improve my skills.  After painting  about 20 fish, I choose my favorites


One nice thing is the babies aren’t judgmental yet about messy watercolor fish!

Mobiles are VERY hard to photograph…


the back of the fish are painted in wavy patterns….


.I used clear package tape to stiffen the watercolor paper….


I definitely learned a bit about making mobiles with this first attempt, and the next one would be an improvement.

I also finished up a twin size quilt for a good friend’s grandson:


And lastly, I made a doll basket for little Missy Codi’s first birthday!


Complete with a pillow and blanket. Thank you Gail for the patchwork squares that I joined together to make the fabric..  This outer fabric is special and unique!  In case you need to make one, the pattern is here.


I hope the recipients enjoy these goodies as much as I enjoyed making them!

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