Our littles have all grown so….I want to share photos of all 4 of them with you.

Mr C. just celebrated his 5th birthday!  He is very excited to be 5 because there are things one can do when one’s five that aren’t  possible when only 4 years old.  Reading and doing flips were two examples given to me.


He has aspirations, when he grows up he would like to be a scientist and Batman.  He is definitely one of the good guys!


Little “She” is almost a year old!  She is her brothers biggest fan.  Codi loves exploring, her dogs, and pulling the toilet paper off the roll.  But she seems to gravitate to her brother’s super heroes.    She just wants to play with, eat, or do whatever her brother is doing at any moment.


She could not contain her excitement when she met her new cousins for the first time:


There are the two families together:


And then, two seconds later, Codi just had to get to those new baby dolls:


Speaking of baby dolls, here they are all decked out in the little elf hats great grandma made them:


They are now one month old!


These little elves (all 4!) make this season bright and fun!

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  1. You truly have the most important gifts……your lovely family and all the adorable grands!! MERRY CHRISTMAS!! GAil

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