Babies Doing Well


Thank you all for sharing in our joy and excitement!  Your comments made the day all the more special.  I appreciate each and every one of them.

No blabbering on, the pictures tell the story:

The first three photos are of Dylan…

Steph and Dylan, one day old



And Aubree…



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  1. Aubree is recognizable as your family. Can’t wait to see how Dylan develops. Don’t get so happy that your face freezes in a grin!

  2. OH! OH! OH! How truly wonderful they all look!! Thank you for sharing! Grandma looks gleeful! Gail

  3. Good job Steph! Look how awake Aubree is! There is a Grangma shot! Absolutely precious, a big kiss on the cheek from a really good God!

  4. Let me add…the “Avatar”-like glowing wrap around Dylan is the way they keep babies from getting jaundice. Much more comfortable for baby than a bright light shining over them.

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