After months of waiting…..waiting, waiting.  Mix in nerves and worry combined with prayer, scans and tests.  All is fine!

Here she is on Sunday, two days before delivery:


On Monday, Steph had a growth scan.  Afterwards, the doc told her the only place she would be going is into a hospital bed.   No going home, no last minute details….it was time for the babies…they were in distress.

Yesterday evening, we were all nervous silly…



Today we are jubilant!  They were born approximately 10 AM, on 11/12/13!  I like those nice orderly numbers.

Sweet Aubree, weighs 6 lbs 1Ozs and 19.75 inches tall.  She looks like her mommy.


And brother Gavin or Dylan (hasn’t been decided yet), or as I am ready to call him:  Little D, made in his dad’s image.  He is 5lbs 1oz, 20 inches tall:


They both are in NICU for now, but doing great.  Aubree is the bigger one, but is having a few breathing problems right now.  Dylan is a tough little guy and is used to stress in utero.   Doctors say that is very common!  Our trials build strength.

Steph had a C-section, so she is not herself yet…and is anxious to see these babies for the first time!

Calling my daughter and her husband, and all of us soooo BLESSED!  WOW!

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  1. Happy, happy, happy. Welcome little ones. You are so loved and are joining a wonderful loving family. Congratulations!!!!

  2. Oh I am singing a happy tune..They are gorgeous and healthy and I’m so thrilled for all of you. What a fun life they will have and what double joy you will experience. Congratulations all around.

  3. “Double your pleasure,
    Double your fun ”
    Now double your blessings in these two little babes. Hope all continue to do well.

  4. So marvelous!!! Two healthy looking wonderful etc, etc, etc babies!!! Truly a twin miracle!! Hugs to all Love, Gail

  5. Awe, I’ve been feeling cold all day but suddenly I feel all warm and fuzzy inside! So happy for you all!

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