What to do when time moves slow



When I was a kid, I remember having the problem of time moving slowly.  But as an adult, not so much.  The days, weeks, months and years go by faster and faster. 

Right now I am in the same situation, anticipating an event…watching for the pot to boil, and its seemingly never will.  But some things are inevitable, and this is one of them. 

And let me say that I am not even the most EAGER person watching the pot, there are a couple more who are living it! 

Keep busy, its said.  Yes, I am doing that….with one eye on the task and the other on the pot. 

Certain things do distract me almost completely:

Family get togethers:


The littles…..especially the littles:


Little Marshmallow girl….nine months old!


One lively, fun boy…..we went to Northville on Wednesday, with Halloween in full bloom in and around town.  He LOVED it!  Loved all the silly and the scary.  I loved that I delighted him so! 


Hmmmmm….got to go check, again. 

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  1. LOL…remember your mom used to call the kids who were being little stinkers…”Pot’s”, which I think was originally “Pot Lickers”. Wonder what the origin of that is, will have to google it. All is well with Steph.

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