Yet another catch up post…getaway up north


Hello friends, I don’t want to miss telling you about the getaway with my Baguette’s in early September!  Over a month since I’ve been home….my goodness how time flies!


We pride ourselves on keeping busy and having lots of projects to work on and hopefully complete.  All the while, laughing until our sides split, and enjoying the up north environment. 

Let me share some of what we worked on:

We visited Nancy’s cottage one morning.  She bought out wool and  her homemade soap to felt over.  The wool gives her soap a soft but slightly abrasive surface, and looks lovely.  I think a five year old would find this soap irresistible and wash his hands quite thoroughly. 


Here are our completed soaps, mine is the blue and orange one in the bottom row…..a school of goldfish swimming…


Julie also brought us pumpkins to doodle on….I love everyone’s unique style:


A few of us worked on fascinators…(fancy little hats!)


I sketched and painted:


And hand stitched wool….


And we all enjoyed walking the beach and collecting treasures:


Add to the above a few shopping expeditions and you have my ideal way of getting away from it all! 

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  1. Those felted soaps look VERY interesting. Great for exfoliating — something I am most serious about!

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