Watercolor journal


While at our cottage in the Upper Peninsula in August, I tried to draw or paint everyday.  Today, I  share my finished (somewhat, maybe) journal pages with you.

This is a sketch of our little beach and bay, with the shallow reef showing in the water, Wiggins Point in the distance, Jeff’s boat, and the wooden pelican(carved by Jeff’s dad, years ago)  at the base of the flag pole.   Primitive painting, yes, but I like it.


On the next two pages, I looked in the other direction, out at Lake Michigan.  The milkweed was blooming, and I included a glimpse of the horseshoe pit in the lower right corner.  It was a cloudy grey day…..I love how these trigger my memories of moments.


My last two pages….a slice of the beach, and wild phlox:


This coming weekend, I go to Saugatuck with my mom and a few ladies from her senior community.  I plan on working with watercolors again, and capture the autumn beach of Lake Michigan…in my journal, just because!

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