A Day at the Races


Do you have a bucket list?   Jeff has a bucket list.  And he was very happy to check one item off of it.  I was there, to observe, record and share in the fun.

Two Sundays ago,  the morning of Sept 8th, we drove out Michigan Avenue through Irish Hills, to reach our destination:


It was not a official race day…….


Jeff and TJ had the track almost to themselves…driving…FAST!  But first they were in class for over an hour.  We waited, and looked at all the cool cars….we chose our favorites:


Finally, all the students arrive on the track, all suited up in FIRE SUITS!  Just in case…..


They divided them into groups, and about 6 cars drove the track at the same time.  Jeff went first.  No doors on these cars, you climb in:


Jeff did well, flew around the track his allotted number of laps….and drove faster than he ever has.

Next it was TJ’s turn….tight squeeze:


He really flew…and beat his dad.  They rig the cars so they cannot go faster than 140 mph. The Teej was almost right there.


The guys loved the experience!  Was a fun day for everyone….especially the last stop before heading back home;



6 responses »

  1. Sounds like fun! To watch anyway, I’ve never had any great desire to travel at frightening speeds.

  2. What a great time for your family. So glad Jeff and TJ finally got their day at the speedway.

  3. fulfilling a bucketlist ——check
    fulfilling a bucketlist with my son —–check check check
    spending a day with my beautiful Wife and our Son and his beautiful bride
    and the bestest grandkids in the world ——-PRICELESS

    who said you can’t have too much fun

  4. Now they need fire suits to wear around town, so they can talk about the experience. Great male bonding day.

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