Sketchy time


I am way behind in telling you many good things.  Many good art things!  I don’t have any big projects under way, but I have been enjoying creating….

Last month, Leann challenged a few of us to sketch using blind contour.  We placed our shoe on the table and with pencil and paper drew it.  Blind contour drawing means:  do not look at the paper at all…just the object.  Very slowly move your pencil as your eyes move slowly along the lines of the shoe.  Wow, was this hard.  To just sit and concentrate and s…l…o…w down.  My exercise was done in less than two minutes, (I had a simple shoe, a flip flop)  but it felt much longer.   Leann made us a sketchbook to carry and planted some seeds in my mind….slow down, draw and sketch.  Yes, I wanted to do this.

20130821_214825In the meantime, I have also been playing with watercolor almost every week….very beginner, basic stuff.  Just having fun, getting familiar.  Here is one of the experiments that I’m not too embarrassed to show…a Virginia purple mountain landscape…

20130821_220123I have to say, the final seed planting and watering came at the end of July…Art Camp with Two Twelve Art Center.  I took 4 classes during the overnight camp.  The first class was making a sketch book…..we actually made two:

P1020032The Imagine book is concertina style…meaning it unfolds like an accordion.

The second was a drawing class:


The third was a watercolor journaling class:


I was introduced to the concept of drawing with pen, then filling in with watercolor.  This really, really  clicked with me.  I can sketch in pencil first, then ink it in…and then watercolor, either right then or later.  (From a photo).  Such a simple concept, but  just what I needed.    Here are a couple of my first little pen and watercolor sketches:



I’m not at all worried about making these little drawings perfect.   I am just so happy to have found a little courage to sketch, draw and paint.  And a way to do it easily.  Perhaps the drawings (meaning these or any others I do) will be inspiration for a mosaic or fiber piece…or perhaps not.  But I feel its a nonthreatening, quick and inexpensive way to exercise the creative muscle.

I sincerely thank my teachers who have taught this student at her teachable moment:

Val Mann for the sketchbooks, Leann and Keith for the drawing and sketching exercises that got me going, and Jean for her expertise and inspiration to ink and watercolor in journals.

Now I have a way low tech way to entertain myself wherever I happen to be:  home,  traveling, the doctor’s office, snatching a few moments anywhere….have sketchbook, be happy.

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  1. I’m so happy to see the results of 212 Art Camp. It was fun, wasn’t it? Your sketches are terrific. Keep going. You have a natural talent for sure for this style of expression. Love it.

  2. Your creative muscles are so well honed that you should be competing in contests. Maybe you can end up on the back of magazines like Arnold Schwartzenegger in his prime!!!!!

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