U.P. Hiatus


Hi friends, I’ve been unplugged for a couple of weeks.  Its good to be back!  I’ve got  photos to share with you.

U.P. loveliness:

I’ve shown you photos of the same place so many times, but it never gets old to me.  I always find something new. 

Or in this case, an awesome photo of my old dog, Marlo venturing out on the rocks in the Bersaw:


Greenery has replaced the receding waters and the sandy beach in this area:


Looking out the front door:


Magical place in the woods:


I love wide open spaces:


Do you see that long runner in the center of the photo below ?  That is from the common reed, phragmite.  I have seen these snake-like  runners on the beach for 30 years.  But now  “they” are saying there is a  non-native,  invasive species overtaking our beaches and crowding out the cattails.  In our county, volunteers are on a search and destroy mission.  I do not know the difference between the native and the invasive varieties….


The colors of August on Lake Michigan:


This is one of my favorite beach plants…. a type of sedum, whose nickname/folkname is “Welcome home husband, be thee ever so drunk”!  Yes, that is why its my favorite plant.   I must research that and find how it ever got that name…..


Root beer water from the Bersaw:


Just being on the beach and in the woods is relaxing, rejuvenating and …..



Next post will feature the peoples and dogs of the U.P. getaway. 

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  1. Lovely photos — what else would we expect from da U.P. !!! I have some interesting (???) info on phragmites.

  2. The magical place in the woods pic looks like the start of a beaver dam… is it?
    Love the pics, hope we can get up next summer.

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