An Almost 5 Year Old’s Birthday Celebration


Mr. C has a summer birthday celebration, because its just more fun at this time of year rather than the winter.

As you shall see…..

Silly string, friends and a trampoline:


Ice cream floats:


Opening gifts outside, and getting outdoor toys… a new bike:


Favorite gifts for a five year old:

Anything superhero:

IMG_3204A magician hat, wand and magic trick supplies:


A wood tunnel?


His mom and dad surprised him with something he thought was out of reach, too expensive and required too much care.  But his surprise and delight was obvious:


A bearded dragon!  Yes, this is what he wanted more than any toy.

He eats a cricket every few days….and fruits and veggies in between.  He will be such a good learning experience for Colton.  Luckily his mom and dad are good with such living things too!  He is very social, responds happily to attention, and has become a member of the family.

Meet Spike…..


Some of us needed a little nap after all the festivities:


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  1. How totally perfect. Lucky, adorable Mr. C. Love your family. Happy birthday to all.

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