Happy Birthdays


This was the week to celebrate birthdays, as I have 13 to celebrate between the end of May and early July….

Here are some of the birthday peoples:

Early in the week, Lia came over on her first birthday, with her grandma



The two cousins had a fun afternoon together…


And C also celebrates his December birthday this month, for convenience sake…for equitable distribution of gifts and celebrations though out the year.

IMG_3019 On Saturday evening, we had one big party for all the birthday’s on my side of the family.  Here are all the celebrants, minus one…Derek, who had to leave for another party at his Mom’s.


But I won’t leave Derek out….

IMG_3087  IMG_3086 IMG_3085

He is not a cooperative photo sitter….but I eventually got him, this will have to do:


The main reason we gathered together was to celebrate the 79th birthday of Stan, my dad:


Our friends from our youth, Dennis and Cherida were there.  Was so great to see them after a very long time.  Here is Cherida with my mom:


And good buddies, Jeff and Dennis:


This is the way I love seeing my backyard being put to good use:




Some family portraits in front of the bonfire:

You know this family:


This is my nephew Ron, and Courtney, with Natalie and Kaylee:


My nephew Ryan, and Rachel.  (Or as Natalie calls her, Uncle Rach)  Ryan was a good sport, he was silently suffering from outdoor allergies.IMG_3124Happy Birthday, Dad!  And all my other special peoples!


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