On the Detroit River


Did you know that June is “National River Month”?  Our Detroit River has been cleaned up and beautified greatly since my memories as a kid.  Just sharing some awesome river and river front photographs today.

The guys, Jeff, Kevin, and Jim (Mr. Kelly of No Whining Allowed) cruised the River on Sunday afternoon.


They caught a glimpse of the Grand Prix happening on Belle Isle


and the Nancy Brown Peace Tower on the isle:


the Ambassador Bridge


and other unique Detroit views:


 IMG_7838 IMG_7865 IMG_7868 IMG_7875

Thanks to Kevin for the fantastic photographs.  

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  1. for history buffs– the tall ship is the Brig Niagara which a commanded by Admiral Perry and won the Battle of Lake Erie during the War of 1812

  2. Thanks for the photos. Parts of Detroit that are way more cheerful than what we see on the way to Karmanos. It must have been a beautiful city once. Great photos.

  3. Captain BFG is always on board and ready for river tours — any excuse to be on the water

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