Spring time excursion




I went to 212 Art Center with these wonderful women and artists:  Took, Leann, Jane and Carlene(mom to Leann and Jane), and also (not pictured)  Kat and Jan and the two Marks, Leann’s and Jan’s hubbies.   Took posted some fabulous photos of our excursion and my garden.  I am so honored by her gift of these blog posts:  Art at 212, and the garden tour.    Hope you can go check them out, and also get introduced to the delightful Took and her art projects which include collage, sculpture and an Art-O-Mat machine. 

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  1. UN-BE-LEEEEV-ABLY wonderful gardens and artwork, Deb.

    (I love how the photo looks like Leann has incredibly l-o-n-g arms…LOL)

    Thanks for mentioning my blog!

  2. What fun we had, thank you soooo much! And congratulations to you and Jeff for such a wonderful show!!

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