Mother’s Day Announcement


I have the best ever Mother’s Day gift to share with you.

A gift from this girl:


Who has grown up to be a beautiful woman, in all ways….




who has fallen in love, and married her sweetheart…..

Steph's wedding 091

They have been happy.  They’ve supported each other,  worked together, made a home, have careers….but were asking for one more blessing. 

9-22-08 270

They actually received two! 

Steph is done with her first trimester of pregnancy……and is expecting TWINS!!!!

I’m so happy for them!  And look forward to my days of being a grandma to these two little ones late in the fall. 

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  1. I love all the photos….and I always loved the big glasses from back then. I wish a person could still find them. If you have to wear glasses, why not make a statement.
    So happy for Steph and Derek — will continue to pray that the pregnancy goes well.

  2. Do you mean that girl who’s glasses are so overpowering that you can’t see her face? I was 27 back then. Thank you.

  3. Who is that little girl holding the baby? Were you 12? What a little sweetheart, you! And,
    So glad for all your family.

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