Whadda weekend!


A weekend that will always be remembered as outstanding, awesome, joyful, filled with love. 


The reception for Windows 2.013 was Friday evening.    Yes, it was a success in so many ways! The night just sparkled with happiness and joy as old friends and family arrived.  The biggest surprise of the evening was Lisa flying in all the way from Virginia.  I was so surprised, and happy to see my dear SIL along with so many others that I hadn’t seen in a long time.  My nephew Ben drove across the state to attend, Erin and Charlie brought baby Lia.  Friends, neighbors and many new friends came too.  And my family..they were all there, including my littles…Colton and Codi Lynn.  That meant so much to me.

I sold several pieces too!

Here’s my good buddies Patrice, Lisa, (me), and Kelly. 


Jeff and Kevin–


Jackie’s good friends, Alicia and Alison attended. 


We had a coralled  corner of little ones towards the end of the evening:


As our friend Charlene said…seeing all the happy, beautiful mom’s, grandmother’s, aunts and babies was the best artwork of all.  I agree, along with the father’s and grandfathers, and uncles that were there too!   Nothing could have made me happier than having my family’s support! 


And there is our support team for the evening, enjoying a moment’s break:  Meaghan, Gaines, Margie and Holly along with artist Stacey Harper.  The food and refreshments were generously supplied by 212, and were delicious!  One support person missing is Kat, she helped me in so many ways…encouraging, planning, hanging, baking brownies, to name a just a few. 

The only sad thing about the evening is lack of photos of people!  I forgot to ask Derek and Kevin to be my photographers for the evening.  Maybe Lisa will dig up a few more I can share.  But I do have photos of the art work that I will share with you over the next week or so. 

Have some catching up on the blob to do…Mother’s Day, the garden, and the art photos.  Thanks for stopping in….

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  2. So much fun surprising you! Loved celebrating your many combined gifts. Love you both!

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