Grouting, grouting, grouting….


I finished the pile of mosaics.  And doing a happy dance!

Another window is completely finished, including backlighting by Jeff:


This is another salvaged window, complete with peeling paint that I find quite charming.  Its filled with opaque, clear and mirrored glass and beads.  I’m not sure what these flowers are.  Maybe poppies, maybe scabiosa?  But regardless, they were definitely inspired by this piece of fabric:


You can see I’m using my fabric stash, though not in the intended way!

Also, we previewed the school of fish swimming on the wall…this is just a quick hanging, not an “official” layout for the installation:


Never mind the electric plug!   Seeing them hanging, I decided they needed a plant to congregate around.  Yesterday, Jeff went into the garage and constructed one for me:


When done, it will hang on the wall with the fish.

I quickly got to work placing the glass:


Well, I am not done grouting after all!

These delightful miniature daffodils are brought to you in honor of Earth Day!


They are growing along Stephanie’s front walk….



Enjoy your day!

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  1. Totally wonderful!!!! Your creativity has truly become un-leashed!!! IRA would love to bite the heads of those daffs! Gail

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