Weekend delights…







Our little’s came over with their dad for a visit on Saturday.  Their momma was having a well deserved rest.  They were just as precious as could be.  “She” is 3 months old already, and is a smiling sweetheart.  Colton loves to experiment with his camera smile, and wrestle with Gramps.  He is a sweet, kind, funny and lively boy!  Whenever they come over, it turns into a impromptu family event.  Steph, Derek, Jackie and Kevin came over, we grilled burgers, and had a afternoon that was just perfect!   

But, the weekend involved much focused work too….




The porch has turned into a temporary work area.  Above are frames made by Jeff’s brother, John.  Jeff cut all the glass for them and they’ll receive paint and stain.  Next I’ll clear away all the frames and turn the sawhorse table into a grouting work space….giving up on warm outdoor weather for grouting. 

But I did observe some hopeful signs that spring really has arrived:




We also went to a play on Friday night. The first ever performance of “Clutter”, written by local playwright Brian Cox.  It was an introspective and retrospective look at a marriage…Jeff and I loved it! 

Did you find yourself doing your taxes this weekend, or something better? 

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  1. Loved the pictures of your precious grandbabies! Weren’t you all pretty in pink!!
    I think Honey needs a pair of BFG’s fancy spectacles strapped to his head AT ALL TIMES!
    Our taxes are long mailed, but we had several frenzied phone calls from The Boy trying to get his business together yesterday!
    I have the final episode of Downton Abbey season 3 to watch. I made a lot of progress this weekend!

  2. SHE is sooo adorable with that little pink bow! And Colton is such a spirit. Sounds like a loving weekend. And you seem to have more spring than we do. Maybe it stalled in your neck of the woods. Great to see you at the show and I’m glad you enjoyed it.

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