Clay fish out of the kiln


I spent some time in 212 Art Center’s pottery studio a bit ago, and used Jeff’s metal fish as big cookie cutters.  That is, clay cutters….the unfired results are pictured here.   

I glazed them and now have them in my possession…I was so excited to see the finish on them, as glazing is pretty much a blind process for me.  I used many colors and layers, and the results are never predictable. 

The bluegill is my least favorite.  Something is just very wrong with him, specifically his coloring and the placement of the eye.  Even though I was not going for realism, I just didn’t get him right!  But, if I look at him and don’t try to picture him as a bluegill, he’s not horrible to me…..


The perch turned out very “”Perchy”, do you recognize him?  He’s a pleasant looking fellow.  I’m really surprised at how BLACK the black glaze turned out. 


Now, let me introduce the Rainbow Trout, my most favorite cookie cutter fish…for whom I had high hopes for: 


He is not anatomically correct!  Look at that puppy dog ear near his eye, that’s was meant to be a lower fin.  I do like his coloring, but cannot get past that ear.  Jeff and I were standing together, trying to figure out what to do…and Jeff pointed out that I had simply put the eye in the wrong spot.  The trout should be swimming in the opposite direction and the eye had to be moved. 


He sliced that eye off, and managed to save it, too.  Now, the fish looks 90 percent better to me, except for that white dot of unglazed clay from the original eye. Next, quite accidently, a bit of magic happened.   I made him just a little shorter, replaced the eye in a believable spot, and voila….IMG_2588

Maybe the bluegill’s gill will become a lure:


So  glad I was able to save him, I like him too much to just throw him back! 

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  1. A great catch all around. They all look fabulous to me. You are too critical.. I love their lovely faces. That’s why we never fish. We just watch them swim around our lake.

  2. All 3 are wonderful. Love how you kept working with the rainbow until you got it the way you wanted. I think the bluegill will come along just fine.

  3. Is all this fish redesign some genetic testing that the government knows nothing about?Seriously, they are all really fun — they could hang out with Nemo!!

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