Claying around


First of all, I want to share the bowls started last November, and just now finished:


I used iron oxide (rust) as an under coat, which gave them an earthy patina. 


Liking the underside of this bowl just as well, I pressed a lace doily into the wet clay to give it that great texture:



And here is the “ladybug” platter….Which started out as an actual impression of a huge leaf:



With applied details:


The underside is lovely, but there is a reason for the unglazed leaf base.  After the first firing,   a large crack through appeared in the middle of the platter.  My teacher suggested the unglazed leaf base as a way to patch it.  I also pressed additional leaves into the underside to give it more interest and texture:


Yesterday, I went to 212 Arts Center once again, and ventured into their pottery studio by taking another class with teacher Sharie Cannon.   She is a wonderful instructor, and lets us go in our own direction but guides us just enough, insuring we are successful.

I brought in some of Jeff’s fish forms he’s made for me to mosaic.  They served as giant cookie cutters.  And here are the results, a perch and a blue gill:


I texturized them with stamps, as you can see on the rainbow trout, below:


And here is the 3 foot rainbow trout, drying so it can be fired:


If these fish turn out, I plan to attach them to a substrate and fill in around them with mosaic. 

This was such an intensely fun process….maybe I need a new category on this blob…Pottery! 

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  2. AB-SOL-LUTE-LY A.D.O.R.E. the bowl and tray!!!!!
    The fish are cool too… can wait to see them glazed!
    I’m going to start calling you Multi-Media Capri D.

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