I had my friends over on Wednesday.

We walk the same road in much of life, what we love and care about, or find ourselves faced with:  Families, children, husbands, work and finances, dealing with getting “older”, difficult people(no, not you!), health, weddings, parents declining, babies, death.  But besides bolstering each other and sharing in all of this, there is one thing that connects us all.  The love of art, of making art.  A strong connection it is.  This year we are celebrating ten years of getting together twice a month and making art and conversation….usually with much humor interjected.

These are my lovely friends:  (clockwise from left) Gail, Julie, Kat, Muriel(Babe), and Nan.


Each is uniquely gifted….here is what was brought to show on Wednesday:

Julie has been experimenting with encaustic (wax applied over paint/collage):


She also works with metal, designing and building jewelry:


Kat brought her sketchbook along, and shared some of the drawings from her recent trip:


Gail completed another quilt…


These friends inspire, motivate and recharge me.

Gift #111-My diamond friends, the Baguettes, aka, the Bags(lol!).  Ten years of goodness!

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  1. Never refer to yourselves as the Bags — you are all vibrant and very talented ladies and deserve respect and admiration. I, for one, am in awe of your creations. Wishing you all many more years of creativity and friendship.

  2. Long may we meet! Infirmity, illness, weddings, death, births, pets, projects, travel, successes, loss and love are better when shared with ones’ peeps.

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