One fish, two fish


Jeff and I have had an ongoing discussion for a while (okay, YEARS), on how we could combine our talents(?) and produce a piece of art together.  As you know, his medium is metal.  Here are a couple of my favorite pieces of his:

We decided that if he built a metal frame, I could fill in the interior spaces with glass mosaic. 

Here is one of the first metal support frames he built.  Note the little support pegs that hold the glass from behind:



I then cut out all the glass to fill in the spaces, with the help of my new friend. a Taurus Gemini ring saw:


Above, its pictured with my glass grinder on the left.  Note the very cool table/stand!  That is a piece of hand cut and beveled granite (by my sweet hubby), sitting atop the old treadle sewing machine stand that was his great grandmother’s. 

The glass cutting possibilities that this ring saw has opened is something I’m very excited about!  The first of which are the intricate cuts the fish requires. 

Below is the second fish, just starting to mosaic, with guidelines drawn on the reverse side of the glass:


And, here is the first fish finished…(say that aloud, quickly five times)



He is meant to hang….which we will figure out this weekend.   And I need a better glue to secure the glass to the metal prongs in the back.  Any ideas? 

Jeff’s got 4 more fish ready for me, we want a school! 

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  1. Deb, this this is wonderful You’ve always had a fondness for fish. How cool that you & Jeff are collaborating. Can’t wait to the “the school”.

  2. That is one fabulous fish! I love that you created it together. You guys are soooooo talented.

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