Stitching leaves


My group, “Running with Scissors” issued a challenge for the end of January for a small art piece with the theme of Notan.

definition of Notan:

the combination of lights and darks esp. as used in Japanese art : the design or pattern of a work of art as seen in flat areas of dark and light values only –MerrimanWebster

I wanted to participate in the challenge, and was searching for a way.  I remembered the fern silk screen prints I did this summer.  They are high contrast, light/dark….perfect.

Here are the three I’ve finished, they are all 7.5 inches square, mounted inside a 12 inch square mat:



Red accent:


One goal for these pieces is simplicity, just a few accent embroidery stitches and/or a few glass tiles added:



I was looking for elements to add, something unexpected…and thought of my bins of colored glass squares.  Why not!  Combining mosaic and stitch would be an interesting path to explore.  .

I have many more screen prints to work on…and plan on doing a black, white and emerald green design next.

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