Have you been to the Henry Ford Museum lately?


We went yesterday.  Jeff, Colton and I. 

They have made it much more kid friendly than I remember. 


They have a LEGO exhibit going on right now.  Scale models of famous architecture.  The building above is probably 13 feet tall, and is a model of the tallest building in the world.  Behind it, to the right is a model of the Empire State Building (I THINK?) 

Here are some of the guys favorite things:

LEGO stations to build your own creation:


Participate in a music video:


A place to build your own paper airplane and then test fly it:


Of course, many things to drive:



Huge and detailed model train tracks to watch:


Wrenching on a pretend car:


But one thing hasn’t changed since our kids were small….this is still the favorite vehicle:


Of course, there were many other things….but its impossible to see it all in one day, especially with a curious 4 year old.  He loved spending time at all the activities, and it really was nice not to rush through. 

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  1. What fun. I’ll have to take my grandchildren next time they visit. We do usually go to the Hands on Museum in Ann Arbor. There’s lots to see there as well. Thanks for sharing your visit.

  2. We took our girls to Legoland in Denmark ( the original) when they were young. It was the most amazing place ever.

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