Catching U.P.


(At first I considered the above title a double entendre, but actually it is a triple!???)

We escaped again to the U.P. after Thanksgiving.  We needed a little rest and relaxation, what better place then up norf’.IMG_7055

We stayed next door with Jeff’s sister and brother in law,  Laurie and Hank, rather than open up the cabin….and we had a wonderful time, they are welcoming and fun peoples! 

(Every time I look at the photo below, I think that person in the middle is Jackie….we do have a resemblance, from a distance!!)


The first snow of the season, November 24. 






While up there, I finally saw The Hunger Games, and loved it….maybe I do want to read the books!  I also took over Laurie’s table with a Christmas project for C….a personalized alphabet book filled with photos of him and his world.  Laurie helped with some great letter suggestions, and surprised me with her sticker collection.

IMG_7113-001 Marlo came along too….


and happily camped out by the fire most of the weekend. 

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